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Situated over 3 Acres at Falta Special Economic Zone, West Bengal, India, DTT has an advantage of being within close proximity to Air and Sea Ports

Our Manufacturing Unit comprises of a complete Rollomatic CNC Tool & Cutter Grinding Setup along with dedicated Transor Filtration systems in a temperature controlled environment for consistently manufacturing high precision cutting tools

  • Fully Automated Manufacturing
  • 24-7 Production
  • High Precision Rollomatic CNC
    Grinding Machines
  • Climate Controlled Production
  • Know- How


To backup the manufacturing, our Inhouse Engineering team using advanced softwares to deliver new innovative solutions. Within this division, tools are continuously perfected to complement the constant technological transformation in the metalworking industry.

  • In-house Development and
    engineering of tools
  • Manufacturing of test tools
  • 3-D simulation
  • Continuous optimization of


Consistent Manufacturing is aided by Quality Checks using the Zoller Genius 3M measuring machine and Marcel Aubert Optical Measuring System. These instruments ensure that the precision tools are meeting the tight tolerance levels.

All items are individually inspected and statistical process controls are carried out to constantly monitor production processing for possible corrective actions.

  • Climatized Measuring
  • 100% Tool Inspection
  • CNC Measuring Equipment
  • 100% Tool Inspection

D3 Providing the right tool for the right application


Wide range

  • Low and High Carbon Steels
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Cast Iron
  • Inconel
  • Hardened Steels

  • Better machining cycle times, thereby reducing cost per component
  • Higher feed rates at Slot depths upto 1.5xd
  • 2 in 1 tools: Roughing and finishing operations
  • with the same tool


Machining Jackpot



  • Corner radii - a wide variety to meet your part
    specification requirements
  • Corner Chamfer: rigid tool edges reduced wear outs
  • Square corners for general machining and finishing
  • Ball nose styles for contouring

  • Precision tolerance shanks fit all collets and conforms to most shrink-fit standards
  • Many products are offered as standard with weldon flats for use in end mill holders


Shank Forms


Axial Reach

  • Long reach with stub flutes for deep cavity machining
  • Long length with extra flute lengths for finishing passes
  • Stub length for extra rigidity
We are a strong and growing company offering many new opportunities for our employees to show case and hone their talents and develop new skills.

We are committed to professional and personal enrichment of our employees and invite you to explore the ways in which we can give you a sharp start on the future! To learn more about how you can reach your goals,

Contact or send resumes to Human Resources at hr@dutchtechtools.com